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Vital Information About Blue Crab

The most preferred type of crustacean by people are blue crabs which is why this is prevalently serve in various restaurants. They are delicious and tasty however this will not cost you a lot unlike the parts of lobsters serve in seafood restaurants. The taste and the manner of cooking this type of crabs vary depending on the location since they are mostly found in various areas in the world. Although these crabs are tasty people are often hesitant to purchase them and prepare a dish related to it because of their scary appearance. You must be aware that you can make different appetizing dish using this type of crabs. There are various way people can cook this type of crabs, it could be steamed, fried, boiled in soups and even turn them into sandwiches.

Reading the following information about blue crabs will surely lessen the feeling of discomfort and frightfulness towards them. One of its attributes is their five pairs of legs and their exterior shell that is made of carapace. Since they have soft extremities they need something that would protect it hence they have these shells with them. They also undergo a process called moulting in which their old shells start to peel to make way for new one. There are also what you call hard shells and soft shells, their main variation lies in the process of moulting. Soft shell crabs often have soft shell during the initial stage of their moulting. The hard shells on the other hand arise when the new shells develop.

As much as possible you must only obtain fresh blue crabs. There are overwhelming effects if you will buy those dead ones, this include getting poisoned and other digestive related problems. As much as possible you should choose those crabs that are alive. It is often preferable to look for those crabs that are aggressive compared to those crabs that can hardly crawl. Complete crab legs is also an indicator that the crab is in good condition. The implication it is that it was handled carefully when they were obtained.

When cooking these blue crabs, there is not much to worry since this is quite easy to do. Although they have a weird appearance there are several food that you can prepare using them. Even a simple steaming can be done to cook these crabs, after steaming it obtain their meat, add some butter and lime juice and your good to go. The same process can be applied to the whole crab. When the color of the crabs starts to turn orange, it would be best to take them out of the steamer. This technique is not ideal to young crabs hence make sure the crabs you used are those developed already. As for small crabs like blue crabs it would be best to deep fried them.