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What’s With A River Thames Wedding Showcase? The River Thames has long been an ideal place for people hoping celebrate something or perhaps hold an event. You can easily see parties of all kinds and events like product launches and announcements. Well, on top of all those events and gatherings held at Thames, there’s no denying that the most popular one is a wedding or wedding reception. There now are quite a number of people who plan on holding their own wedding reception on a Thames boat, and since you’re here reading our post, it only means you’re one of those interested. Other than the fact that a Thames boat tour will give you the opportunity to see London’s most famous spots, there are also several other reasons why you need to seriously give it a try. So here’s a bunch of reasons that will prove why a Thames Wedding is the best:
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1 – A Thames boat wedding reception is literally beyond compare.
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If you are looking to make your wedding something that will linger and remain memorable for the rest of your life, consider a place that’s beyond compare to others and Thames gives you just that. Likewise, you get the same luxury to that of a typical wedding reception on dry land since you can choose to hire the most sought after wedding suppliers in the city, including caterers on board, florists, jewelers, and others. 2 – How about a rock start type of treatment? Getting married on the Thames will definitely make you feel you’re a rock star. Well, no one will argue at how surreal and fantastic the feeling is when you can have your wedding on a boat that you get to own and exclusively use for several hours while navigating the entire Thames River. 3 – There are actually several boat options available for you. There’s a fleet made up of luxurious steamers and boats that are designed to represent classic and Edwardian and Elizabethan themes, all for the purpose of coming up with an elegant and distinctive venue for a wedding reception. Therefore, if you are really looking to make the celebration as inimitable and unique as possible, there is no other fancier option than a Thames boat. 4 – Get to see London in one trip. Perhaps the most interesting thing about a wedding in Thames is not the fancy and elegant ambience onboard the boat or steamer. You may not have a clue yet, but once you begin the ride, you actually can see most of London’s tourist spots and landmarks. In essence, you will be experiencing a wedding celebration and exploration in one, where sights like the city’s popular skyline and others are highlighted.