Getting the Most Out of Equipment for Exercise at Home

Shopping for exercise equipment for the home is tempting. It offers a great solution for those that don’t want to pay a gym membership or those that don’t have a lot of time to get in a workout. However, what happens after making the purchase? How many times does the bike, treadmill or Bowflex go to waste, tucked away in the corner, collecting dust? Here are a couple of tips for getting the most out of the equipment once it is set up at home.

Location, Location, Location

Jogging on a treadmill or riding a stationary bike is no fun if the exerciser is just staring at a blank wall. Think about the best place to put the equipment. For some, it means adding it to the family room like another piece of furniture. It’s fun to walk, run, or lift if it can be done during a favorite television show. Or, place it in a room that is enjoyable to spend time in. Sometimes, placing it in the bedroom can be tough because it just ends up a great place to store clothes that need to be hung up.

Log the Time Spent

Consider keeping a journal detailing the amount of time spent on the equipment. It can be a great feeling to log in the time. It can also be encouraging to look back and see just how much use the machine is getting. Keep the log in a spot easily seen. It can encourage a person to get out and get a workout in so that it can be written down. Neglecting exercise will be obvious to everyone because of the journal.

Create a Routine

Forming positive habits aren’t always easy. But when exercise is incorporated into a daily routine, it is much easier to reach goals. Think about spending a certain amount of time on the equipment every day. For those that plan to place it near the television, commit to only watching the TV on a given day while working out. Once that is done, other TV shows can be enjoyed. This gets the workout out of the way and creates a pattern of behavior that is beneficial.