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Advantages of Using Cast Iron Dutch Ovens Dutch ovens are those cast-iron thick-walled cooking pot with a tight-fitting lid. There are however other Dutch ovens that are constructed or made out of a cast aluminum or are ceramic. When we refer to Dutch oven cooking particularly cast iron Dutch oven cooking, it does not only refer to the cookware where the food is prepared by is actually a method of cooking that has been used for many centuries now. Dutch oven cooking is like cooking on a campfire. So when cooking in a cast iron Dutch oven you put all the ingredients inside the pot then it is heated by putting hot coals under the pot and also on top of the tight fitting lid. Although depending on what you are cooking, this would determine the amount of placing hot charcoal briquettes or blocks as well as the size of the oven. Here the idea is the shorter the oven, the quicker for the heat to spread towards the center than it does in the deeper ovens. The shorter Dutch ovens can be used to cook foods that need high temperatures such as pies, and the taller ovens can be used to cook foods that need lower temperatures like roasts, ham, or whole chickens. You might also want to control the amount of heat on top of the oven for an equal browning of rolls or bread. A good part with a Dutch-oven and partly why it is again beginning to be popular is because all the same cooking techniques apply, this means that you can stew, braise, roast, broil, fry and even bake all your favorite dishes in this cast-iron pots. And more than that, you can use your Dutch oven like the cowboys do, cooking outside in the fresh air and sunshine. It is the most versatile pot in the world.
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Another reason why it is also getting popular these days is because more and more are realizing that there are health benefits of cooking with cast-iron since you cook with less oil. When you season or pre-heat the pan well, it acts like those nonstick coated pans or pots. Therefore, this easy to clean feature is also given prominence when one cooks on a cast-iron pot or pan. Cooking in a stainless steel pan still needs scrubbing off the sticking brown bits out. It is very inexpensive because it is made of cast iron which is totally unlike the non-stick pot and pans you buy today. The non stick pots and pans you find in the market easily wear but cast-iron pots and pans improves with age and use and they are almost indestructible.
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Your food is fortified with iron when you cook in cast-iron along with using less oil. With the use of cast iron, iron flakes god into your food and your body which means that you will have increasing amounts of iron in your diet. In a cast iron pot or pot you are assured that the cooking temperature is very even.