6 Facts About Pictures Everyone Thinks Are True

Know How To Make Photos Be Viral Photos

In a world where your social media accounts have a direct correlation with your relevance, almost everyone likes to take a photo and make it popular. According to research done by experts, there are actually foolproof methods on how you can increase your popularity and likes as well on your favorite social network sites. As a matter of fact, science has proven that by doing some modifications in some composition in your photo, you will be able to take it to the next level and turn it as viral photos.

If you want to know how to make it happen, then you better read the next lines.

Tip number 1. Consider to go through a red period – it is not a coincidence that red is the color for yield signs, stop lights and almost everything else that you can think of which means stop. And because of this, it’s safe to say that we were wired in paying attentions to objects with red in color. In comparison to cooler colors similar to greens and blues, research has shown that colors with the shades of red tend to get viewer’s attention.
A Brief History of Pictures

Tip number 2. Make friends with some famous people – this one is actually quite an obvious thing but it is all focused on the effectiveness of proximity. Posing with a well known personality or celebrity will probably create an instant surge of traffic. With a bit help from their fan base, there is no doubt that your social media profile will skyrocket in a matter of minutes.
6 Facts About Pictures Everyone Thinks Are True

Tip number 3. Consider geo-tagging your photos – geo tagging at galleries, concerts or any event that is heavily populate can probably create instant connections and let your photos to have a broader audience than just followers. Your fellow social media users who are at the same place can almost instantly view and like your pictures that will then increase your likes and can even start new friendships.

Tip number 4. Do not photograph plungers, golf carts, spatulas, space heaters or laptops – all of the said items are subconsciously turning people off whether you believe it or not, according to research. So to be sure that you are among the elite users in your social media network, refrain from taking photos of these objects as much as possible.

Tip number 5. Do take photos of cups, perfume, revolvers, bras, miniskirts and bikinis – nothing screams viral photos similar to a firearm and miniskirt. Consider keeping these objects and next time you take a selfie, see to it that it’s seen. According to social media experts, it showed that Instagram posts which include these kinds of items quickly boosts the popularity of the image and thus, has higher tendency for it to be a viral photo.